TEST 420 Development Plan 2011-2012 - 420 Sailing

DEVELOPMENT 420 Development Plan 2011-2012

420 Development Plan 2011-2012

Looking ahead to 2012 there area number of programmes which will be delivered, including:

420 and 470 Combined Event - Junior European Championship, Jim Saltonstall’s overview

: During the Junior European Championship in Lake Garda, Italy, we will have again Jim Saltonstall doing the overview and comments.

5th European Coaches Seminar: We intend to do a seminar for coaches in Europe. We are still studying which is the best place to do it.

Promotional actions for young sailors: We are planning to do one or two promotional actions among the sailors of the junior classes such as Optimists and Cadets.

Clinics for sailors in 2 or 3 developing countries: The International 420 Class Association intends to send an experienced coach to some countries with small fleets to do clinics to help the development of these new fleets.

Supporting high level clinics: The International 420 Class Association may support an experienced coach doing clinics for high level sailors.

Training On line Book of Exercises: We have again a new project with Nick Drougas. This time we ask him to develop an On Line Book of Exercises for the International 420 Class Association in order to help the 420 coaches and sailors from all over the world.

Want to get involved, host a clinic or find out more, then email: development@420sailing.org