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Want to sell any 420 equipment, send an email to office@420sailing.org with your advert and we will include it on the 420 Classifieds section.

Please be warned to check that any enquiries and payments are genuine and do not part with any of your equipment until you are satisfied that payment has been made. Be aware of fraudsters and "advance payment scams" that operate.

Adverts will be automatically removed after approximately 9 months. If you would like the advert to remain on the website, please email office@420sailing.org

Advert # Item Details Contact
# 4 Complete Boat Hull # 53963 (built 2010) with dolly, spars, foils, 2 sets of racing sails and one spinnaker, as well as 1 practice main and 3 practice jibs.

Advert Posted: 20 February 2014>

Michele Faber
+1 9145237271
# 3 BlueBlue For Sale 420er for sale

We would like to sell our BlueBlue 420er (HUN 53904).
It is fully equipped with 3 sets of sails (2 north, 1 zaoli, plus 2 spinakker).
The boat is measured.
Location:Budapest, Hungary

Price: 4000 Euro

Advert Posted: 12 November 2013

Belian Baticz
Mob: +36309378483
# 2  Sails 420 Jib and Spinnaker for sale.

Manufactured by SRB (Czech coach and sailmaker, FD World Champion)

Both have only been used 3 times, but not in a race, so there is no sail number and no sail button on them.

For more information and prices contact Simon Seidl.

Advert Posted: 16 October 2013

Simon Seidl
Tel+42 605314431

# 1  BlueBlue

We would like to sell one 420 BlueBlue 2012 POL 54669 fully equipped with one set of sails.

The boat was measured at the 2012 World Championship in Austria.
The boat is new, only sailed one season.
Location: Krakow (Poland)

Price: 5000 Euro

Advert Posted: 7 March 2013

Basia Beaumont
Tel:+48 662141420