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ISAF Learn to Sail - Recommended Boat

Through the Connect to Sailing programme, ISAF have developed an initiative to enhance the Learn to Sail Programme to include a system of clearly identifying boats and equipment for use by Member National Authorities (MNAs), the national governing bodies for sailing around the world, for developing and teaching sailing in their nation.

The ISAF Learn to Sail programme is based around supporting the development of sailing in a nation through a clear and consistent international programme. The scheme covers many aspects of setting up training centres and the responsibilities of the parties involved. Within this programme there is also the need to identify suitable equipment appropriate for training

The boats and equipment selected have proved to have suitable availability to MNAs and also offer a supply structure to reduce costs to the MNAs and Learn to Sail Programme training centres.

These boats have been independently assessed by ISAF to be ideal for developing and/or teaching sailing within the ISAF Learn to Sail programme; they also undergo safety assessments such as European CE marking or coastguard assessment.

The effective equipment categorization such as entry, intermediate and advanced level helps MNAs to understand the equipment and sign post a pathway from grass roots to Olympic level.